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five year parallel retreat

Many practitioners are now participating in a 'Five Year Parallel Retreat' run by Chanteloube, our main centre in France. The aim of this retreat is to parallel the study and practice undertaken in the traditional closed three year retreats also held at Chantleloube

The retreat involves receiving teachings in France from either Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche or Pema Wangyal Rinpoche over two to three weekends a year. The rest of the time is spent in one's normal working life with the commitment to practise and study the teachings given a number of hours a day.
This method of practice and retreat is proving popular and many are finding it a beneficial, practical and workable way to merge their lives with the dharma.

three year closed retreat

Traditional three year retreast are being run at Chanteloube, involving intensive meditation training for a number of students. In the words of our teacher Pema Wangyal Rinpoche 'Following the example given by our teachers, to do long retreats is the best way to make use of our human potential.' Our teachers also say 'Meditators remaining in solitude, and their supporters who remain in active life create the auspicious connection of all achieving enlightenment at the same moment.'

If you would like to contribute to this project or other retreats in the future through your prayers and financial support, we would be most grateful. Any donations, however small or large, are all welcome. One drop in the ocean can spread infinitesimally. Please send cheques payable to Maitrikara, at 24 Freshfield Street, Brighton BN2 9ZG.